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  • Don’t Be Like Others. Be Like You.

    When looking online, most people feel the same. Sound the same. Look the same. So how do you stand out?

  • The Difference Between Sharing, Teaching and Coaching

    Recently, I’ve seen a lot of debate (or on X, maybe even hate) on people that learn new things, share what they learn and in doing so, effectively teach people.  A lot of the pro’s say that you can’t or even should teach others if you’re not well rounded on the subject.  But does it…

  • I Stepped Right Into the Monetization Trap (Don’t do the Same)

    Audience monetization is something a lot of people are after. But should you even do it? And if so, when is the right time?

  • Stop Finding Your Target Audience. Do This Instead.

    Many people struggle when they’re starting their personal brand, because they don’t know who they’re writing for.Stop Finding Your Target Audience. Do This Instead.Many people struggle when they’re starting their personal brand, because they don’t know who they’re writing for. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.  It’s especially difficult when you’re just starting out. You have…

  • A Counterintuitive Way to Have Unlimited Content Ideas

    Creating content can be daunting if you’re just starting out. Here’s a counterintuitive way to have unlimited content ideas.

  • Screw The Niche. Do This Instead.

    THE PRO’S DON’T LIVE UP TO THEIR OWN ADVICE. DO THIS INSTEAD. Many people have trouble identifying topics to talk about. They don’t know what others will find valuable. This results in posting “whatever they want” which makes it more difficult for people to gauge what you’re on about. It’s made even worse by a…

  • Build A Strong Personal Brand With These 3 Key Questions

    Personal branding is sharing stuff that you want to be known for. And for the longest time, I have been over complicating it. What it all comes down to, is you sharing stuff so that other people see it. If you’re intentional with your personal brand (that means: know what you want to use it…

  • The Six Step Method to Learn Anything Fast

    Why people learn slowly Most people are not intentional when learning. They read a book cover to cover when they start leaning. That seems reasonable but it takes up a lot of time and you’re likely to learn stuff you already know. That’s just sad, isn’t it? When you’re learning something, it’s likely a skill.…