Forget Time Management. Focus on Your Attention Instead.

Manage your attention over your time

Time management is thought of as an effective way to get more things done. But most people fail to manage their attention after managing their time.

They get distracted by their phone. By incoming emails. By the internet. By birds flying by.

As a result, we’re only focussing on task for an average of 40 seconds. Some studies even suggest 40 seconds would be long, and we’re focussed for only 8 seconds at a time. Isn’t that incredible? 8 seconds, that’s basically nothing.

Want to get more done? Think about managing your attention rather than managing your time.

The biggest source of terrible efficacy is your phone. Try putting it in another room, leave it downstairs, lock it in a safe for all I care. But try to get rid of it if you really want to focus on some task.

Want to be extremely effective? Manage your time and your attention and you’ll be invincible.

Build a personal brand that really suits you.


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